Basil Pesto – A Guest Post #recipe

As some of you might know MBA Mama and I live in a great neighbourhood. And, as friends and moms we’ve helped with the odd taste test or comment for a product or recipe that she needs to write about… I never thought that I would contribute to the content on her site.

But, as I find myself in between jobs (a situation shared by a few of us lately) I thought I would take a short break from networking, resume tweaking, and cover letter writing to contribute to her recipe recommendations and have some fun writing about something that doesn’t require an engineer to design or build.

The first is one of my favourites, Basil Pesto. This is a new recipe this year…not sure where I filed my usual recipe…I picked this one because it’s easy and uses walnuts and pine nuts. Previously, I’ve just used pine nuts.



It all started with this crazy basil plant that I grew on my deck.

The usual pesto suspects. I had enough basil to make two different batches. I used just pine nuts in the batch shown, but in the second batch I used walnuts & pine nuts according to the recipe. Also, in the second batch, I used 1-cup of olive oil (instead of 1.5 cups). The consistency is just less oily; they both taste great and that’s what counts in the end.


All the ingredients combined. Can you smell the garlic?

I freeze the pesto in ice cube trays, take them out when frozen and store them in a bag in the freezer. Then, I just grab one/two and put into sauces or pasta dishes as required.

I’ve given some pesto to MBA Mama to try since she hasn’t made it before. She said she’d let us know how she uses it… so folks, there’s more to come regarding this basil pesto recipe…

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