Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Moms – #Review & #Giveaway

How often do you find yourself just not measuring up?  Feeling like, no matter what, you are never going to do, or be, enough?  In the first Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff book in nine years, author Kristine Carlson attempts to put your heart and soul at ease and reassure you that YES, you are enough.


Sorting the wheat as the chaff, as it were, and what to do with the wheat, is something Kristine has had to become an expert at.  Her husband, the author of the original Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff book, died suddenly, leaving she and her two then-teenage daughters to figure out the rest of their lives with such a huge piece missing.  She gracefully continues his work with this book

Broken down into short, easy to read chapters (‘cause who has time for massive tomes right now?), the author covers a wide gamut of parenting dilemmas and decisions.  What spoke most clearly to my heart was buried deep in Chapter 75: Accepting Kids As They Are.  Our eldest has recently been diagnosed as having ADHD.  So often, I have found myself trying to make him fit the mould of what I think a six year old boy should be able to do.  But it isn’t what he can do.  And so many things are not at all what he wants to do.  Build cars and race tracks?  Absolutely.  Get dirty racing them outside?  Absolutely not.  I cannot change him.  Nor should I.  The closer I embrace that idea, the easier it becomes to parent both him and his siblings.

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