The Tale of Two Sweet Potatoes

There are times in my life when curiosity overcomes frugality.  This most often happens in the grocery store.  Sometimes the results are pleasant, sometimes not so much.


These are sweet potatoes.  On the left, the standard specimen, found at any grocery store.  Selling price last week?  79 cents a pound.  On the right, red sweet potatoes.  Selling price last week?  $1.49 a pound.  Taste and texture wise, no difference.  No difference in cooking methodology either.  Why not add a little colour to our meals this week?, thought I.  When I peeled them, this is what I found.


Disappointment, I tell you!  It looks like a plain old white potato, but tastes like a yam.  For almost twice the price.

I just thought I would bring you this public service announcement, for the betterment of your grocery bill.

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