The Boys’ Room

Hi there again.  Remember me?  Sorry about the absence.  We are still working out a routine around here.

Before anyone gets to thinking that E2 got all of our room  decorating prowess (!), I thought I would share some of the photos from E1 & E3’s shared room.

The boys’ bedding, yet another HomeSense purchase.  I cannot say that I am entirely pleased with this particular set. It was for sale during the get your dorm room ready sale. After only a couple of washes, the orange has already faded and some of the edge seams have frayed.  The sheets that came with the set might better serve as window sheers.   Overall, I really don’t think I would purchase it again.  There are some nice navy and orange plaid duvet/pillow sham sets being sold through Sears right now that may eventually replace these.  Unfortunately, probably sooner than later.

The single over double bunk bed set was a real steal.  It was a Costco floor model special.  The beds can be used separately and are of fantastic quality.  These I would purchase again in a heart beat.  The dresser and chest are from E1’s original bedroom set, purchased at the Brick.  They are sufficient for now, and match reasonably well, but may not work in the long run, as the drawers are both shallow and narrow and the overall construction is pretty poor.

The paint colour  is CIL Kaleidescope.  Three heavy coats of paint later, we had our orange wall.  The other walls were all left the original builder’s paint, since it just so happened that they matched the unfortunate bedding.

The poster was a gift to E1 from grandad.  He somehow schnafu’d it while he was working at a used car dealership.  It is in a simple poster frame, picked up at Michael’s with one of those handy dandy 40% off coupons.

This peel and stick, removable wall decoration came from, of all places, Dollarama.  It comes as several pieces that need to be carefully placed to form a single picture.

Ah, the clock.  A much loved Walmart purchase for E1’s birthday a couple of years ago.  At last check, they run about $25.

And last but not least, a place to hang your hat.  And bath robe.  This little bit of whimsy was found in the damages/last chance bin at, you guessed it, HomeSense, for $10.

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